Feel all alone in the world?

Or think that life has to be bland from now on? Just because you are a diabetic? It does not have to be that way – there are lots of us here to support you! Get More Info » »

Diabetes is a growing concern ...

Diabetes is advancing across social and culture lines ... We need a place to come to ask ~ to weep ~ to learn ... This is that safe place! Get More Info » »

Diabetes Affects Families

Questions are being asked ... Families are searching for the truth ... Get More Info » »

We all love FOOD!

Food is a big part of life! Just being a diabetic does not mean you have to give up food. We just have to learn to adjust some of our choices to healthier ones. Get More Info » »

Take time for YOU!

Life can be a real rat race and we all struggle to keep up with the daily demands. Diabetics need to take the time to focus on their own health if they want to enjoy a long life. Get More Info » »

Being Active is Crucial

It is a great idea to just be on the move throughout the day. The more you move, have more energy you will have. Get More Info » »

There is no need to be bored with your menu!

Be sure to check out the recipes on the DC Recipe Box. You will find lots of regular food served with a twist! YUM! Get More Info » »

Making wise choices

It is always the choices in life that make us who are are. Diabetics need to made different choices then that did before - but there are still lots of choices to make. Get More Info » »

It affects ALL of us...

Diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases in the world and one in four people in America have this disease. The diabetes disease touches everyone. It does not discriminate! Get More Info » »


Children with Diabetes

Statistics say that Children with diabetes is rising at alarming rates.

It’s alarming that more children, and younger children, are being diagnosed with diabetes every year.  The Diabetes Research Foundations across our nations are telling us it’s time to lower the number of children with diabetes and the key to accomplishing that is to get our kids moving!

Gina Frye, a parent/volunteer with the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), says

… there is an alarming amount of new cases in a segment of the population you might not expect.

“Children under the age of 2 will be the new trend and we’re getting more and more of those children,” Frye said.


Getting in Shape

5 Ways for Getting in Shape This Summer

Getting in Shape This SummerThe warm, long days of summer are a source of encouragement to get outdoors and make changes that can lead to a healthier you!

If you’re excited about pushing your body to a new level of physical fitness, but you’re unsure where to begin, take advantage of the summertime to sculpt the body you’ve been wanting.

Here are five fun and exciting ways for getting in shape this summer:


Hand Exercises

Here are some simple exercises to rehabilitate hand function for that folks with diabetes, arthritis, or having suffered a stroke can use on a daily basis to help restore proper feeling and function.

Simple … yet effective hand exercises!

Can’t hurt to try!